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Chaos in the Old World: Cultists

… game, Chaos in the Old World. And even though I still haven’t painted the last ones of my Doom demons, I started painting stuff for this one, for relaxing between sprees of working or learning.

The cultists are already done:

Cultists of all Chaos Gods

I’ll upload the pictures to Board Game Geek as well of course. Here’s a few mug shots of each of the four groups:

Khorne Cultists

Bloodsworn, the cultists of Khorne, the Blood God. He mostly lusts for battle, …

Doom: We’ve Got Marines!

Yay, I finished the marines for the Doom boardgame before the LAN party tomorrow!

The Cyberdemons and the Spider Queens didn’t make it, but rushing them (or the marines) would be a pity, I’ll rather paint them well with ample time after the weekend.

Without further ado, here’s the whole bunch of the marines. I took Space Marine Scout miniatures from Warhammer 40k for them, as they just have waay more detail than the ones …

Permalink: /doom-weve-got-marines/

Painted Hellknights

… Still, here they are, in all their glory. They’re one of the strongest monsters of the Doom boardgame, and I tried to make them look the part. Six Hellknights.

6 Hellknights

Now the next thing definitely has to be the marines, as the Cyberdemons don’t appear until the second mission of the game, and the Spider Queens only show up in the expansion levels – and that’s the only three things left to paint for the game.

First Hellknight Painted

I didn’t go for the Marines after all, I’m a bit scared of all their details and whatnot. Instead, I tackled the Hellknights – and made good progress so far. So good in fact that the first one is already painted:


Hellknights Progress

The others aren’t exactly as far, as you can see in the picture to the left. Right behind them, the line of paints, are the …

Archviles Painted

If you know Doom, you know Archviles. They’re the big guys in the back who pelt you from afar with fire and flame. So, of course, they’re in the board game as well. Here goes:


All 6 Archviles

No prototype this time as well, I painted the whole group of 6 at once. The arms ended up with 7 layers of paint, to bring out the glowiness a bit, I hope it kinda worked.

I hope to have …

Finally: Six Mancubi

Remember how I was optimistic about lowering the time needed to paint each Mancubus through mass production? Well, it nearly kinda worked. Still, they were a tremendous amount of work really. But again, it was well worth it. Here they are, in all their glory (backsides, too ):

Six Mancubi

I decided against reworking all the bases (as was suggested in the prototype picture’s …

Painted: Maggots

Well, they’re not actually maggots, but it’s what they’re called – for whatever reasons. Other maggots don’t have two heads, nor are they frickin’ fast, nor are they strong yet lightly armoured … ah well.

They do look nice though. I actually painted those while painting the other Mancubi (that still aren’t finished), as those required me to wait for washes to dry fairly …

Yet Another Doom Math Sheet

… wanted when browsing the extensive files section that the BoardGameGeek has in store for the Doom boardgame (aah, Flash with sound!). So yet again, I created a little player aid of my own, procrastinating from learning for Uni as I were.

This is what came out of it: Yet Another Doom Math Sheet, v. 1.1

It is, basically, a little statistical breakdown of a few values (average, median, minimum, maximum) for a couple variables (range, damage) for each of a marine’s weapons and …

Permalink: /yet-another-doom-math-sheet/

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